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Wilhelmstrassenfest – Germany

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Wilhelmstrassenfest Wilhelmstraßenfest Theatrium


Second weekend of June


The occasion of the first “Theatrium” festival in 1977 was the re-opening of the newly renovated State Theatre.




The Wilhelmstrassenfest or Wilhelmstraßenfest  Theatrium is an annual street festival in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Wilhelmstrassenfest began in 1977 in celebration for the reopening of the Hessian state theatre.

With roughly 250,000 visitors attending on the two festival days, it is the largest street festival in Germany.

Wilhelmstrassenfest takes place annually during the second weekend of June, on Friday and Saturday, on the namesake Wilhelmstraße and in the adjacent parks of Bowling Green and Warmer Dam.


Its official name is “Theatrium.” The name “Theatrium” is derived from then from “theater” and “Atrium” (Latin for “open air”).

Wilhelmstrassenfestl offers the largest outdoor event in the city, a variety of culinary specialties, and many music show performances, up to seven large and small stages, rides, a craft market with 130 exhibitors, and  fireworks .

During the  festival about ten thousand visitors enjoy street performers, bands of several styles as well as a rich variety of national and international culinary pleasures.

The former theatre festival has developed into a classical street festival for the senses, where happiness  play a dominant role.

Another attraction is a colorful artisans market in front of the Kurhaus with its original and individual range of offers.



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