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The world’s most expensive mask for a Chinese billionaire for 1.5 million

SHANGHAI: A billionaire in China has ordered the world’s most expensive mask at a cost of  1.5 million. The mask, made of 3,607 white and black natural diamonds, will also have an N99 filter system.

According to a foreign news agency, a billionaire from the Chinese city of Shanghai has ordered a mask from an Israeli jewelry company to protect against the world’s most expensive and rare corona virus, which is being made from 250 grams of 18 carat gold. It will also have diamonds attached to it.

Sharon Caro, a representative of the Jerusalem-based luxury jewelry brand, told reporters that the mask, made of 3,607 natural white and black diamonds, will also have an N-99 filter system, which is free of corona virus. Will completely save, this mask will cost one and a half million dollars ( 1.5 million) which will actually be the most expensive mask in the world.

According to the jeweller’s company, the Chinese businessman based in the United States has placed three conditions while ordering this very expensive mask, which is that the mask must be in accordance with the US Federal Drug Authority and European standards, the mask must be delivered by December 31 and the third condition is the mask. Be the most expensive mask in the world.

Jewelry designer Ishaq Levy said a team of 25 jewelers has been formed to make the mask and is working in shifts so that the order can be delivered by December 31.


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