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The world’s most expensive and beautiful sheep set a record.

Scotland: The world’s most expensive sheep worth millions of rupees has come to light, this rare sheep of six months has broken the record set in 2009.

According to the details, this sheep of the Texal breed called Double Diamond has been named the most expensive sheep in the world. Has been purchased.

The six-month-old sheep was owned by Charlie Bowden, a breeder, and sold to a Sheep Farmers Consortium. Bidding for the crowd at the Scottish National Texel Sale began at ہزار 10,000, but the various parties there kept bidding more than each other, and the price of the sheep went up.

The sheep, called Double Diamond, was bought by a consortium of three farmers, who hope to breed more sheep from the sheep and turn their investment into a profitable business.

Jeff Aiken is a farm manager and is one of the buyers. He said that if we talk about breeding, then we have to look at the small features, hair, color, texture of the head, everything.

“We have to pay so much to get unique genetics,” he added. People involved in farming are also facing financial problems these days, there are very few farmers who can afford to pay so much.

Earlier, a sheep was sold for 230,000 pounds in 2009, but this time the world record has been broken. The Texal sheep belong to Texel, a small island in the Netherlands.

According to the Texel Sheep Society, a sheep is usually sold for thousands of euros or millions of rupees for breeding. The origins of the Texal sheep are unknown, but they are considered the best in terms of meat.

Dutch Texel sheep attracted the attention of English breeders in the 1970s due to their high quality, but due to legal complications at that time it was not possible to import them and English breeders started trading French sheep, however in the same decade. At the end of the 18th century, British law was changed and trade in sheep of this breed became possible.

This breed is very compatible with the British food market, it not only easily withstands the harsh weather but also grows so big at the right time that it can be sold at British slaughterhouses to make a profit.



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