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Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Poco F1 battery life » Battery drain test

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Published by Jstech on March 30, 2019

Samsung Galaxy A50 and Poco F1 which smartphone is capable to give us more battery life?

Which smartphone gives us more screen on time, from Samsung Galaxy A50 and Poco F1?

Samsung Galaxy A50 or Poco F1 which one is best according to battery life?

In the previous article, we talked about Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Poco F1, which phone was best. As the article become so long already so I think to write one more article for these smartphones battery life. And in this article, we’ll talk about Samsung Galaxy A50 and Poco F1 battery life, and we’ll test which phone can give you more screen on time. If you are a heavy smartphone user which phone can give you better battery life, we’ll talk about this today. If you have any question about both of these smartphones do comment below.

Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Poco F1 battery life battle:

During this battery life battle, we tried to keep the same level of brightness on both of these smartphones. Wi-fi was connected as well. So let’s start our battery life battle without any further delay.


Applications used- Time – Poco F1- Samsung Galaxy A50

  • 1: Antutu benchmark -Poco 8 minutes – 97% -100% battery life left
  • 2: Geek benchmark- Total time of test 13 minutes -Poco F1 batter level is 96% and 99% battery left on Samsung Galaxy A50
  • 3: Playing Pubg mobile game until 1 hour and 30 minutes on our stopwatch, Poco F1 75% battery and Samsung A50 has 79% battery life
  • 4: Amazon music for an hour – speaker at max level – total time -2:31 hours F1 66% and A50 has 70% battery life
  • 5: Youtube playback for 2 hours total time on stopwatch 4:30 hours Poco F1 at 47% battery as the comparison to Poco F1 Samsung A50 has 52% battery life even after 4 hours and 30 minutes.
  • 6: Instagram use for 1 hour total time on stopwatch now 5 hours and 30minutes Poco F1 has 37% battery life and Samsung A50 at 40% battery life.
  • 7: Asphalt9 playing until the battery level become 0% so after 7 hours 3 minutes Poco F1 become dead and Samsung Galaxy A50 still have10% battery life.
  • 8: After 34 more minutes Samsung Galaxy A50 give up too mean Samsung beat Poco F1 smartphone by half an hour difference. The total screen on time we got with Samsung Galaxy A50 during this battery battle was 7 hours and 37 minutes.


In this battery battle, Samsung Galaxy A50 was the clear winner by half an hour. In all test, we saw Poco F1 was behind. But when we start using Instagram we lost more battery life, but in other applications, Poco F1 was behind than Samsung A50. I think this happens because Poco F1 was old now and because of that battery life drain so we are getting this much battery life in Poco F1. But we can say Samsung Galaxy A50 win this test, so if you are confused between both of these smartphones which phone you should buy, I hope your doubt is clear now. Still, if you have any question feel free to drop your comment below.

Share your view and tell me what you think about both of these smartphone, if you need to buy a smartphone under 20,000 rupees which phone you will buy? Do comment below and tell me.

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