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Rézfaszú bagoly: copper-tailed owl

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The copper-tailed owl (Bubo cuprumpenis L.) is an animal species belonging to the animal kingdom, vertebrate species, kingfisher and subspecies.


Its natural habitat is the Ministry of Education’s Web Zero Point Server and the Flextronics plant in Sárvár. He also happens at the Exhibition of Non-existent Celebrities at Hirsch Porozell’s plant in Sárvár and in the copper woods where he annoys the copper angels whistling on the copper wood. (The biggest pest of the copper forest is the endangered habitat of the Copper Wood Owl, in which case the Copper Wood Owl is endangered.)


His body is covered with a ballpoint pen . This may be quite uncomfortable for him. A special part of the body is the copper plug [1] , which is located in its place.

His most characteristic feature is that he knocks on the windows of nursery rooms with copper wood at night. The only purpose of this is to prevent the unhappy child from sleeping properly or possibly having a heart attack. In the pediatric psychiatry literature, this phenomenon is referred to as recruitment . This is why parents tend to scare their children [2] .

The natural enemies of the shift driver are the water running under the machines, the heat, the cleaning lady, the radish rosseb , the worm trapped , and the Homo metaloholicus Zamolyiensis (see below). In nature, if you do not find copper wood , you will eat a light purple cane or a copper handle. The most important of its natural friends is the species of the common marmot, which greatly enhances its reproduction.

It is ecologically classified as noxhibitionist.

During the night, you can protect yourself by hooking your boots around your shoelaces, or diving into System Shock / Doom / Elm Street 21, a spirit-loving fairy tale with regularly emptied water bins, because of its nature, it likes to dagger in the Styrofoam mud.

His life

Because the Copper-Owl is extremely alive, it follows that we distinguish between a young, medium-sized, and old-fashioned Bag-Owl.

The young being

As a species of the kingfisher, we can assume that it breeds with eggs. It is harder to get out of your egg because it is made of copper – because copper is a good stretcher. The practical reason for this – in addition to turning it into a copper hook later on – is that the Copper Eagle acquires the ability to knock on a child’s window at a young age without the need for a tool. Her mother feeds her juvenile with finely chewed copper bark. The older the animal becomes, the smaller its mother chews the copper bark.

The medium

In its pre-middle age, the animal learns the ability to hunt for a pale-purple dun and learns how to snag a copper handle and develops a copper duck from a copper egg that has been preserved, and then immediately begins to practice the ability of a child window-knock.


In the middle-middle age, the animal seeks true love with more or less success. Being an endangered species, it has less success. Once found, British scientists have proven that the odds are one to two, he falls in love and stays with him for the rest of his life (or the life of his couple).

In the middle ages, they begin to raise and teach the offspring with their partner.

Old bag

After the seedling flew out of the family nest, the “Copper-Owl” enters the old satchel era. By this time the owl is eating its last knobs. Its death is usually caused by ballpoint pen companies, endangering the survival of the species.


It is perfectly suited for human keeping, though it makes no sense to keep it at home. Conditions for keeping a pet:

  1. You should give him a handle made of copper several times a day. She doesn’t need any other food.
  2. At least one side of its cage, cage [3] , shall be made of glass so that it can be comfortably knocked on by the owl’s copper pole.
  3. Bathe in acetone twice a month, otherwise the ballpoint pen covering your body will run out of ink, which could lead to the death of a particularly valuable bird.
  4. Keep the temperature around 30 degrees Celsius because 40 degrees is already annoying and tends to shoot a copper gecko, which can harm the physical integrity of others.
  5. Give him 3 cans a day, because most lung cancers already.


His story is sung by MeSeMeS (“A Tale of Death Bird” (Length of 160 Characters) by László Zeke): “The lazy Death Bird just lied until daylight. . “

One of the main characters in Harry Potter and the Copperdick Owl (Harry Potter and the Copperdick Owl).

You can also find your posts on the brassy website.


Spatzen is the title holder of Jodler Sextett’s World Famous Copper Owl.

The copper-tailed owl was also the inspiration for the work because the owls barking makes for an especially joyous musical experience. They are even called brassists because of the above.


It was once an important ingredient in the production of elemental copper. Because we cut copper copper we get chemically pure copper. Nowadays, copper is produced in blast furnaces from copper ore so that the owl can retain its wood.

It is highly protected

The species is endangered, as minority vandals have severely thinned the stock, due to the valuable copper body part of the animal, which gives them a lot of money in landfills. Thus, one who commits such an offense will do more harm than tear off one and a half pounds of sandalwood or half a pound of mosquito bumblebee flowers. Its notional value varies according to the price of copper.

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