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Rákóczi Festival – Germany

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Rákóczi Festival


Last three days of last week of July.




The Rákóczi Festival (in German  Rakoczyfest) is the largest city festival in the German spa town of Bad Kissingen.

Since 1950, it has been taking place annually at the last weekend of July and lasts for three days.

During the festival, the city’s historical past is remembered, in which a multitude of prominent spa guests such as Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Emperor Alexander II of Russia or Chancellor Otto von Bismarck play important roles.

On the one hand, Rákóczi Festival is a city festival with music being played in the whole inner centre of the city.


On the other hand, the historical past of Bad Kissingen is remembered during the festival.

During the festival, historical personalities from Bad Kissingen’s history are portrayed by the city’s inhabitants in costumes.

So, there is a performer for each historic spa guest, who has ever been to Bad Kissingen, as well as for Francis II Rákóczi, eponym of the festival.

Furthermore, the program of the festival includes a multitude of attractions such as ballooning in the Luitpold Park or burning numerous candles on the Saale (“The Saale burns”).

The festival is concluded by the traditional fireworks.


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