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Mascletà – Spain

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Mascletà spain


June 19 to 24.



A mascletada (colloquially pronounced in Catalan /maskle’ta:/ and, popularly written as Mascletà and normatively mascletada) is a pyrotechnic event.

Mascletada  characterized by the achievement of a noisy and rhythmic composition that features, particularly during daytime, in street festivities; it is typical of the Valencian Community (Spain).

It gets its name from the masclets (very loud firecrackers) that are tied by a wick to form a line or firework display. These are usually fastened at a medium height with ropes or raised by cannons.


Unlike the fireworks that seek visual stimulation, the mascletades (pronounced in Valencian /maskle’taes/ and written in an informal way as mascletaes) aim to stimulate the body through strong rhythmic sounds of masclets.

Some people consider these sounds as “musical” sounds, while not neglecting the importance of the visual aspect.

What distinguishes a Mascletà from a succession of explosions is the rhythm that masclets must create to explode.

It is essential that the force of the explosions must gradually rise, before coming to a dramatic conclusion; because without that, a Mascletà can not be considered as such

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