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Laine Hardy Bio, Age, Parents, American Idol, Net Worth

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Laine Hardy Wiki

Laine Hardy was a favorite fan contestant, who was not successful on the American Idol season 16, but he fired the stage when he appeared for season 17 of the same show.

It is impossible not to fall for Laine when he sings his favorite Elvis Presley songs in front of judges, and that is why so many people all around the world support him. It’s not uncommon to wonder how Laine managed to appear on the new season after being sent home the season prior, but this article covers it all!

Laine Hardy Bio

He was born on 12 September 2000 in Livingston, Louisiana. He is very close to his mother Cindy Lou Hardy, who he believes to be his greatest inspiration.

Of American nationality, Laine has not talked about his personal information like ethnicity, but he is very close to his parents, whose pictures are occasionally seen on his social media.

Apart from starting his merch, Lainey, age 18, also released his EP in the year 2018 with a title, In The Bayou, which featured three songs. In 2016, he also formed a musical band with the name, The Band Hardy along with other musicians.

Talking about his love life, Laine Hardy is not single and is dating someone whose name is not known. What is known is, however, Lainey is not dating the same girl that he was dating when he auditioned for season 16!


American Idol

Laine Hardy, a passionate singer, always dreamt of winning the most prestigious American Idol and tried his luck by auditioning for the season 16.

However, no matter how good he was, many others were even better than him, so, unfortunately, he was sent home during the final judgment. It was disheartening to see such a talented vocalist’s dreams shatter, but he proved everyone wrong and did not give up his passion.

Laine still practiced his singing skills and only got better with time. When he appeared on the stage of American Idol Season 17, he not only astounded the audience but the judges were dumbfounded too!

Nevertheless, Laine had not appeared on the set that day to audition for the American Idol, instead to play guitar for his friend Ashton Gill, who was the one that was auditioning.

Because the judges recognized him from the last season, they asked him to sing a tune, and that’s when his fate turned upside down. His improvement impressed the judges so much that they gave him the Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Even though Laine Hardy’s journey on the reality TV show was benefitting day by day, his friend Ashton Gill was eliminated from the show on the Hollywood week.

Amongst the eight remaining finalists now, it won’t be wrong to say Laine has a high chance of winning the show.


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