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The first flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates is scheduled

According to the Arab News Agency, the online schedule of flights from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport announced the departure of the first flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates on Monday, which will be the first commercial flight between the two countries.

According to Arab media reports, the flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi is expected to be accompanied by an Israeli delegation, including US officials, to restore relations between the UAE and Israel. Will discuss making the current agreement sustainable.

According to Arab media, the flight schedule has been released on the website of the Israeli Airports Authority on Friday, according to which the return flight will be on Tuesday.

According to Arab media, Israeli and UAE officials have not yet issued a statement regarding the flight.

It should be noted that there is no air link between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, so this will be the first flight after the resumption of relations between the two countries.

What is the Arab Peace Plan?

It should be noted that in 2002, the then Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah presented a peace plan in Beirut, according to which the Arab countries were ready to recognize Israel, but on the condition that Israel establish its border in 1967. Take it back to the pre-war frontier.

It should be noted that a peace agreement has recently been reached between the United Arab Emirates and Israel to establish bilateral relations, under which Israel will no longer integrate the Palestinian territories and the two countries will work out a roadmap for bilateral relations.

According to the agreement, the United States and the United Arab Emirates will work together to establish relations with Israel and other Muslim countries as well.

Pakistan has also ruled out the possibility of establishing relations with Israel until the Palestinians get their due.



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