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Is McDonald’s Open On this Thanksgiving 2019?

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Is McDonald’s open on Thanksgiving? With the holiday resulting in the closure of several chain restaurants and grocery stores alike, many roadtrippers looking for a quick breakfast are wondering as much. As it turns out, it’s more than likely that a McDonald’s by you is open — but you may want to call ahead before driving over.

A McDonald’s representative spoke with Country Living about their hours of operation on the big day.

“Ninety-five percent of McDonald’s restaurants are independently owned and operated, so the holiday business hours will vary by location.”


If you’re eager to buy Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, you will have to call ahead and verify what hours your regular McDonald’s is keeping on Thanksgiving. You can also check the McDonald’s store locator to confirm the opening and closing times. Many Golden Arches across the nation remain open 24 hours a day. Some keep different hours for their drive-thru station versus their indoor dining area. Most locations keep their drive-thrus open until the wee hours of the morning.

Since Thanksgiving is a special day for most people, most McDonald’s will likely close for at least a portion of the day to allow employees to spend time with their own families. Some restaurants located in densely populated areas are more likely to remain open.

Even though McDonald’s business hours on Thanksgiving remain up in the air, the fast-food joint is offering its customers at least one special deal. According to the McDonald’s newsroom, you can get free delivery through UberEats if you order from the eatery anytime between Thanksgiving Eve and Cyber Monday.

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