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How to Get Rid of Acne

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  • “This article helped increase my knowledge on what to do when I have acne and different ways that could prevent acne. It also taught me what not to do when I have acne. This article was extremely helpful and definitely made an impact on my everyday life.”…” more

  • “I appreciate the ideas you have to offer. There are so many ways from different viewers to help the skin with acne. Your site seems to be more of a smooth semi-natural healing process than crazy harmful natural by using hard abrasives on your skin.”…” more

  • “I think that the part that helped the most was life changes and the treating it at home. Ever since I started eating better and exercising more, not only has my acne gone from a 10 to a 3, I have gained more energy and lost a lot of weight. Thanks.”…” more

  • “Using vitamin A rich cream and best quality face wash is best for removing acne. Laser treatment and medication is also good. I think changes in lifestyle like eating healthy food, exercise and stress-free environment is a simple and easy way.”…” more

  • “The benzoyl peroxide helped and removed my pimples within 5 uses, but remember people’s skin is different and amount of use will vary. If none of these tips work, then try steaming. Many thanks to wikiHow.”…” more

  • “I really appreciate it when you list multiple different ways for treating at home and go into detail about the specifics of how the treatment helps counteract acne breakouts!”…” more

  • “I like the large variety of methods one can use for the removal of acne. It also caters to skin types and what form suits a particular skin type. This is immensely useful.”…” more

  • “What helped me the most in this article was the home remedies. There are so many home remedies that I didn’t know about, like washing your face with essential oils.”…” more

  • “When I tried the ice pack it worked tremendously! Thank goodness I read this, now I don’t have as many red spots as I used to. You can really tell the difference! :)”…” more

  • “I’ve always tried to get rid of my acne at home with ingredients I found at home. But after the visit to the dermatologist, my acne is almost invisible. Thank you!”…” more

  • “I could only afford honey ,toothpaste, aloe vera and some other natural treatments and it worked very well in removing my acne. I wash my face regularly. Thanks!!”…” more

  • “Thanks. This article really helped, because I now know not to use toothpaste, and you have helped me manage me acne, which has made it recognizably better!”…” more

  • “The thing that helped hat helped most was not to use toothpaste or baking soda because on YouTube it says its great home remedy. Now I know not to use it.”…” more

  • “I liked your article, as it contains deep information, as if the writer also has gone through the same problem. Will follow what you said in the article.”…” more

  • “A huge tip. I am so happy I found out not to use toothpaste, lemon juice, or baking soda. These are common remedies I thought were good. Guess not.”…” more

  • “I love the article, but I wish you didn’t say to avoid lemon. When I use a lemon-oatmeal based face wash, it makes my skin clear immediately.”…” more

  • “If you have acne or a pimple breakout, you should know how to wait. Acne or marks is not easily removed, it takes time.”…” more

  • “I had bad acne and this article really helped, and also before reading this I was about to do the toothpaste remedy.”…” more

  • “I have a friend who has acne, and this article really helped me help her. She now has a fresh glowing face again!”

  • “Clean your phone often to prevent acne on your cheeks when you talk on the phone, or talk on speaker if possible.”

  • “Anything that helped me from this article is to sleep at least 8 hrs a day. Try it and it will help you too. “

  • “This helped me with ways that I can easily reduce acne and stopping with lemon or baking soda on my face!”

  • “Everything you said made lots of sense, and I will change some things that I am doing wrong apparently.”

  • “Applying Aloe Vera gel before going to sleep seriously helped my acne to clear out faster, thanks!!”

  • “Using oils to wash my face made a lot of difference to my skin, thank you so much for the support!”

  • “Not touching your face is the biggest tip in the article, also wearing sun screen.”

  • “Thought this was brilliant. Can’t wait to start my lifestyle and routine changes!”

  • “The article showed me how to step-by-step change my bad lifestyle to a good one.”

  • “The ice treatment is something I can definitely do, and the steam thing, too.”

  • “Full of information, I learned a lot. Thanks for this! It helped me so much!”

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