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Deosai National Park

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The Deosai National Park (Urdu: دیوسائی نیشنل پارک‎) is a high-altitudealpineplain and national park in northern Pakistan. It is located largely within Astore District in Gilgit Baltistan.[1] Deosai Plains are situated at an average elevation of 4,114 metres (13,497 ft) above sea level.[2]


Sheosar Lake is in the western part of Deosai National Park.

‘Deosai’ (Urdu: دیوسای٘‎) means ‘the land of Giants’ in Urdu. Balti people call this place ‘Ghbiarsa’ (Balti: غبیارسہ‎) referring to ‘Summer’s Place’ because it is only accessible in summer.


Bara Pani is largest of the rivers that traverse Deosai National Park.

The Deosai National Park is located between Kharmang, Astore and Skardu in Gilgit Baltistan. It has an average elevation of 4,114 metres (13,497 ft) above sea level,[3] making the Deosai Plains second[4] highest plateau in the world after ChangtangTibetan Plateau. The park protects an area of 3,000 square kilometres (1,200 sq mi). It is well known for its rich flora and fauna of the Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau alpine steppe eco region. In spring, it is covered by sweeps of wildflowers and a wide variety of butterflies.

Travel routes to the region

Deosai is accessible from Skardu District in the north, Galtari Kharmang District in the south-east and the Astore District in the west. Deosai is located approximately 30 km from Skardu city and it is the shortest route to visit Deosai. Most foreigners visit Deosai via Skardu. It takes one hour to reach Deosai top via Sadpara Skardu. Another route is from Astore valley via Chilim. It is also accessible from Shila valley. The people of Galtari travel via Deosai but it is a park and only a small number of people live here. There is another route called Burgi la via Tsoq Kachura valley Skardu.[5][6][7]

Geology and soil

The soils of this area are severely eroded, of a coarser nature and mixed with gravel and stones of various material and sizes. In flat areas between mountains, soil is deep with marshy vegetation.

Watching the Milky Way over Deosai, the land of giants, can be beautiful and intimidating

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