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Coronavirus Age-Wise Mortality Rate: Why Patients Below 40 Years of Age Should Worry Less About COVID-19 Outbreak

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Panic gripped across the globe after the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, with spree of cases also being registered in parts of Europe, South East Asia and the Middle East. The deadly virus is now spreading to other parts of the world. In China, close to 3,000 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19, while over 80,000 positive cases are reported. Apart from China, over 50 deaths have taken place in Iran and Italy. As per various studies, elderly people are more prone to the deadly virus. No fatality was reported among children up to nine years. Meanwhile, the mortality rate due to the deadly virus is very less in patients below 40 years. 

According to a Report of WHO-China Joint Mission, less than one percent of people under 40 years had lost their lives due to the virus out of the total people affected. Meanwhile, only 0.4 percent of people between 40 and 49 years died due to COVID-19. The death rate is the highest among people over 80 years, which is reported to be 14.8 percent. 

Coronavirus Age Wise Mortality Rate:

80 + Years14.80%
70-79 years old8.00%
60-69 years old3.60%
50-59 years old1.30%
40-49 years old0.40%
30-39 years old0.20%
20-29 years old0.20%
10-19 years old0.20%
0-9 years old0.00%

(Table Source: Report of WHO-China Joint Mission)

As per the report, men are the worst affected by coronavirus. Around 2.8 percent mortality rate was reported among men, while 1.7 percent death rate was reported among females. The report also suggests that people with cardiovascular disease are the worst affected by the virus. A total of 10.50 percent of the death rate was reported in these cases.

Meanwhile, in India, three fresh cases of coronavirus were detected in the last 48 hours, including an Italian national who landed in Jaipur on February 29. The other two patients suffering from COVID-19 are from Delhi and Hyderabad. Six other people who came in contact with the Delhi resident have also been detected positive for the deadly virus. However, for confirmation, their samples have been sent to Pune’s National Institute of Virology.

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